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My First Castle DC

The Heads are Zeros Balimore

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If I close my eyes, maybe I’ll be gone away
I’ll wake up to those dirty old highway signs
It seems like such a long time ago
When we all bundled up and said
"Sure, we got a long way to drive,
But to me there ain’t no more right,
Never been closer to home.”

We’ll be those hitched-up kids
Got a knife in my pocket,
A needle in our grins
And I could fall in love forever and never come up with an empty hand.

Well I’ve heard all your stories a thousand times
Seems like gasoline runs through my veins
Paint me pictures of a dream I never lost
And sing me a song, teach me how to sing
The ones they don’t teach you at school.
We’ll make a deadly choir, you and me.


This song reminds me of the days that I used to hang out in Frederick a lot and when Frederick came to Shepherdstown to form a collective house in an old church. It makes me think of… keepitprole, Alex, Alex Z., Jordan R., Trish T., Justin W., Maggie G., Robbie G., Kate L., and Christopher S. … campouts on the canal on the Maryland side and in DC for PAC and Tampaction. … seeing Frederick skacore bands (morbidpunk) in the bandshell at Baker Park. … hanging out with Justin and sneaking into a house we thought was abandoned but actually turned out to be storage space for the wealthy guy next door. … having the very fun but short-lived Shepherdstown Critical Mass. …getting maced in the face by police on the Mall. … dumpstering the Naked and Odwalla dumpsters in Jessup, Maryland, for the first Shepherdstown Really Really Free Market. … the trip to the CCAS to see one of 1905’s last shows. It makes me think of late nights, long days, dishwashing, playing frisbee, riding my bike, and feeling 19. But I mean, it’s because I was 19. 

For most people, I think, they can look back and think of how they might have done things differently. Or they might regret some things that they have done, things they believed in. For me, I look at it all with great appreciation. I love who I am, and I love who I was - who I was led me to be who I am, here and now. And for all that nostalgia, I am really happy with where I am in this moment. I love my life and everyone in it. 


I miss seeing you too <3